Silicon metal

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  • Silicon metal (symbol Si), in its pure form, is a grey metallically lustrous metalloid element. Metallurgical grade silicon is known as silicon metal because of its lustrous appearance.

  • Silicon is used mainly in the manufacture of silanes and silicones, as a “hardener” or alloying element to produce aluminium alloys, and in the manufacture of micro-processors and solar cells.

  • Silicon is also used as a secondary smelting additive in the manufacture of photonic devices and in the manufacture of industrial refractories.

  • Silicon metal is commonly produced by smelting submerged electric arc furnaces, which is an energy-intensive process. Further processing of the material into different product grades makes it applicable in many industry processes.

  • The industry is investing in R&D, a.o. for the development of high value silicon bound to the photovoltaic market, and in the battery applications.

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