Giới thiệu

Hanoref company is mainly engaged in the supply of Refractory material & Metal Alloys & ferro alloys & Industrial carbons & Industrial graphite & raw material ( high purity quartz, silicon, ceramic, graphite, and silicon carbide manufacturing for the semiconductor industry )
1. Magnesium Oxide: Caustic Calcined Magnesium,Dead Burnt Magnesium,Fused Magnesium
2. Refractory Brick : Mg-C Brick,Mg-Cr brick,Magnesia Brick、High Alumina Brick
3. Unshaped Refractory ( Refractory Castable ,Refractory Mortar, Ramming refractories
4. Bauxite,Brown/White Fused Alumina
5. Silicon Carbide, Ferro Alloys, Silicon Metal, metal aloys
6. Insulation materials: Ceramic Fiber , Calcium Silicate Board."
7. Ferro Silic,Ferro mangan, silicon mangan, metal alloys, Ferro Molypden, Ferro Titan, Ferro vanadium
8. Recarburizer (GPC / CPC / CAC),Mg Ingot, Industrial carbon, Graphite Electrodes

We hope to obtain long-term support of our clients and wish to make progress together with you, share our vision, get mutual benefits and create value jointly.

Each day, Hanoref  will improve its product and service continuously.